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Sports Chiropractor

Titleist Performance Institute Practitioner

Strength and Conditioning Coach

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My Story

Hi all!​My name is Johnny Cheong and it is my absolute pleasure to introduce myself as one of the two chiropractors serving the community out of Sunshine Valley Family Chiropractic.  I graduated from Western University in London, Ontario with a Bachelor's of Science in Medical Cell Biology and a Bachelor's of Health Science in Health Sciences.  This marked the true beginning of his chiropractic journey.


Having majored in Medical Cell Biology, I was able to explore the human body from a microscopic level studying cellular processes to a macroscopic level examining gross human anatomy.  Upon completing my second major in Health Sciences, I was able to understand health policy and the true needs of the population.  

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During my undergraduate career, I began to take an interest in fitness and dragonboat.  In 2012, I was blessed with the opportunity to represent the University of Waterloo in the 8th Club Crew World Championships hosted in Hong Kong.  The following year, I qualified to represent Team Canada in the 11th World Nations Dragon Boat Championships in Hungary, ultimately sweeping gold in the U24 division.  Throughout my training, I avidly sought out chiropractic treatment to mitigate the low back intensive nature of the sport.  

My love for fitness coupled with my desire to play a pivotal role in healthcare led me to the doorsteps of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto.  Over a span of 4 grueling years, we studied every aspect of the human body from pathologies of disease to human cadaver dissections.  This imbued in me not only the innate drive to constantly learn and grow, but most importantly, the ability to relieve pain through chiropractic care.  It is my promise to you that I will diligently provide patient-centered, evidence-based care to help you live a happier, healthier life!

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