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April 23, 2018


This blog is a little unlike most of the blogs we have done in the past. It doesn't talk about aches or pains, it doesn't focus on specific conditions or treatments but rather focuses on life and what makes and helps someone have the best quality of life.  With that said, please take the next twelve minutes and enjoy.  Today's post requires a little less reading and a little more watching.... just scroll down a little further in the blog :). 




I may be wrong in saying this but I am sure almost each and everyone of us have been asked or have thought about life and what it is truly about. We all come from different backgrounds, families, religions etc.. and we have all experienced different trials and challenges throughout our lives, but the question is what makes a good or bad life? We all strive for different things in life whether it be wealth, fame, health, happiness, love, confidence.. the list truly can go on and on. The short video listed below discusses a study that has been going on for decades, in the study a group of individuals are followed throughout there lives and asked a series of questions, are watched and assessed by a group of experts. The purpose of the study was to determine what makes a good life... watch the video below to find out what they discovered




I hope you all choose to watch the video right till the end and I hope you all enjoyed this TED talk as much as I did. With the business of life these days it is often easy to forget the truly important things like spending some extra time with friends, reconnecting with old colleagues, classmates or companions who once use to be a huge part of your life, and calling your family members even if it is just to say hello. I think it is fair to say that we sometimes are to focused on striving for fame, wealth, or being the best at a specific sport or task, or having the biggest and best house, boat, car est... that we forget what is truly important. So today make sure to let your loved ones know how important they are to you, build and strengthen the relationships you have in your life and remember quantity is not always better, the quality of the relationships you have is what is important


I know today's blogs may not have been what you have thought and it doesn't focus on pain or treatment styles but in regards to over-all health and well-being, every aspect of your life plays a part in your wellness. It is very common to see the emotional, mental and social aspects of life present as physical aches and pains so it is safe to say that happy, health relationships and good emotional well-being can have a huge impact on physical health! 









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